New Goose podcast w/ ’80s Indian comic, The Big Mu. We talk about his recent comedy tour of secret US prisons. USA!

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New Goose podcast w/ Magic *Sam, he’s touring the world after making his drug habit disappear. Sponsored by “Ebola Cola” prank soda.

(*Sam Grittner)

New Goose podcast w/Carol Lundquist, co-star of the infamous “Crappy Family Trip” movies and All Star ’80s Comedienne!

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Watch these 3 new Goose Prank Videos with Louie BK and Joshie!

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New Goose summer prank video mini-webseries coming next Tuesday!

New Goose summer prank video mini-webseries coming next Tuesday!

New Goose Podcast w/ Ritchie Crystal (Sue Me!) we chat about our ’80s sitcom “Full Service” and more. Brought to by “No Blooz” anti-cocaine pills.

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Louie BK (Justin James Lang) joins The Goose for a revealing interview over some fast food. Louie is signed to a lifetime contract with Burger King, only jokes about BK products! Welcome to corporate comedy, baby!

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"Nick Vatterott couldn’t make it this week, he is away. So podcasting this week in his place is New York Stand Up staple Frank Italiano with his podcast What’s Going on?. His guest this week was suppose to be Brad Steuernagel but he canceled. So taking his place is Fred "The Goose" Knockenbach, who started comedy with Frank Ilaliano, but the two havn’t spoken for twenty years because… well, you’ll just have to listen to find out,​ CUZ Old Water NEVER Dries!

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This was super fun, totally improvised and weird. Nick’s a intense, uniquely creative comedian, see him live!